How it works


Depending on the outcome of the quality inspection you either receive a notification confirming the acceptance of your purchaser offer, or a notification containing a revised purchase offer. If all the items submitted to us did pass our quality inspection, the confirmation will be dispatched and the payment will be credited to your bank account within a few hours. A revised purchase offer will be provided if some or all of the items submitted to us did not meet our quality standards, and consequently didn’t pass the quality inspection. Please check the revised purchase offer and decide on whether you wish to accept it including the disposal of rejected items, or including the return of the rejected items. If you decide to accept the offer

including the disposal of rejected items,
 the amount stated in the purchase offer will be transferred to your bank account right after the confirmation. The corresponding credit note, incl. the separately stated value added tax, will be provided at the same day. The rejected items will be recycled or disposed of properly.

including the return of the rejected items,
 the rejected items (spare parts, components and devices) will be returned to the shipping address recorded during the registration process. Please mind that a fee of 9,95 EUR will be charged to cover the expenses of the shipment. The shipping costs will be offset to your credit note.

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